About the SBRC

About Us

Our objective is creating a secure Scotland for business to flourish in. In effect, creating a secure environment where business can trade and prosper securely, regardless of size and sector. This encompasses everything from premises and employee safety to cyber security. We are a unique organisation comprising contributions and secondments from Police Scotland, Scottish Governmen and, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. We are a membership organisation, and aim to provide our members with a wide ranging one stop shop for business security services and advice. We are uniquely placed to act as an advocate for commerce across Scotland and to be an independent voice for our members. Ultimately we are aiming to create a safer Scotland in which to thrive, live and do business.

SBRC Background

The Scottish Business Crime Centre was established in 1996 and has evolved since then to reflect the changing needs of business and of our members. We are funded by a range of private and public partners including Police Scotland, Scottish Government, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and a wide range of business investors and members across Scotland.The name was changed on 7 June 2013 to reflect the wider remit now fulfilled by the Centre. We work proactively with colleagues throughout the UK and Europe and in 2015 the London Digital Security Centre was set-up based on our model with the help of our CEO Mandy Haeburn-Little.

What can we do for you?

All businesses are different - in size, sector, profit, location and output and we recognise this at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre as we are a unique organisation ourselves.  Part of the uniqueness of SBRC are our resources from Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service which give us a wealth of information and advice which we can deliver to ensure the resilience of your business.  The staff at the Centre are all skilled in different specialist areas which when brought together provide unrivalled knowledge and experience.

Understanding, supporting and acting as an advocate for our members is at the heart of what we do.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our members, through the unique level of advice, support and expertise available through the Centre. Working in partnership with, and on behalf of our members, we are uniquely placed to provide a range of business security services and advice, and also act as an advocate and independent voice for our members.

For more information on all the benefits and services which are available to SBRC members, please click here.